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Welcome to the Include Website

SURVEY:  To complete a survey on school inclusion is now closed and is undergoing analysis.  There were over 1000 responses with good participation from all over Australia.  Thank you for supporting this research.  It will take some time to be published but we will be communicating with those who left their email on the survey to provide updates.

If you think that values such as acceptance, tolerance, sharing, belonging, concern for others, growth, development and community are important, then you will be interested in fostering inclusion.

Inclusion is a response to exclusion.  Many groups have been excluded from our society for generations and often still live a life at the margins.

About Include

Include is about helping to build inclusion through staff training, service design support, direct consultancy and service evaluation as well as direct assistance to families and individuals.

Our belief is that major strategies for achieving real community inclusion and belonging are regular school inclusion, literacy development, building community relationships and developing valued roles in the community.

We welcome you to learn more about Include and have a look through our website to see how we can help you, your family or organisation.

Webinars  Check out the shop for downloads, disks and books, including a free webinar to download on the history of disability.  

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Reading assessment in Perth WA:

Time to reject ‘special needs’

Link to webinar on history of disability (not for the faint hearted)

Exemplary video on high school inclusion at Riverview:   http://vimeo.com/61245564  (If the video controls do not appear, click ‘switch to html player’ below the screen on the right).

Diagnostic Reading Assessment under the supervision of a Psychologist – $295
Details click here.