Workshop Testimonials

Just a few Testimonials from our our Workshops.

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Gave ideas on how to deal with (school) staff positively without getting their backs up.

Inclusion: 90% said it met or exceeded expectations.

Prompted me to rethink some of my assumptions.

Values in Action: Mean rating for workshop between good and excellent.

Great to have input on the ‘valued roles’ and all of the great examples. Great focus on the individual.

Thankyou. I appreciated the info that I learned today and I look forward to putting the skills into practice.

Bob Jackson is very motivated and passionate about his work and very interesting to listen to.

Very clear and well presented. Bob was very interesting to listen to and learn from. I have been challenged to think more creatively in my everyday practice.

Positive, useful and well presented. A good opportunity to think more deeply about what is possible.

Made me think HARD. Great day and I leave with some great plans, thoughts and enthusiasm.