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Inclusion: The core business of human service

When we strip away the rhetoric of the annual reports, underlying all human service to people devalued by society is for them to BELONG. In times past, this was implied to mean “belong with ‘their own kind'” and some of the segregated buildings and processes still in use today reflect these assumptions.  However, almost all agencies now see that it is right that devalued people, who have been traditionally segregated and congregated with others of a similar label, should be full participating members of the community — they should BELONG.

How do we change this?  We can help.

Service Coherency

What are the most fundamental needs of the people we serve?  What is the most powerful ways of meeting those needs?  These are the central questions of human service but how do we do it properly?  … (More)


A range of staff training workshops have been developed, and these can be tailored to your needs or new ones developed as necessary.  Some current workshops are listed here.

Facilitation and Mediation

Independent mediation and facilitation services by personnel with extensive experience with families, schools and human services.  (More)

Service Evaluation

The most critical measure of service quality is how well it meets the needs of the service users.  To determine this we need independent evaluators coming from the service user perspective.  (More)

Behaviour assistance

Assistance with difficult behaviour is available under the supervision of a registered psychologist.  Methods involve the most recent research-based positive approaches. (More)