Common Life Experiences of People who are Devalued

This is a short presentation designed to sensitise people to the realities of the lives of people who are devalued by society.  It is confronting, challenging and faces participants with a choice of continuing to act in the way of most members of society, or to face up to the life realities of people who are devalued and really try to make changes for people.

This presentation challenges many of the common practices of human services and shows how many of these practices actually can add to the harm that service users experience.  As such, this presentation is not designed for people who wish for a comfortable view of the world to be supported, but rather for those who already feel that things are not as they should be and want to know more.

The presentation does not give answers – that is for those who take up the challenge to follow up in other learning experiences.  However it can help those with a passion for making a difference to have some understanding of the depth of the problem and energise them to really make a difference.  For some people, it has been a presentation such as this that has provided the basis for a lifetime of commitment.

Family members also find this workshop to be very beneficial.  While it is very confronting and unpleasant to see some of the realities exposed, most find it very illuminating and helpful in explaining many of the things that happen to them and their family member.  It also is appreciated that others are coming to understand these realities.



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