Implementing change in human services

Anyone who is involved in human services and has tried to implement change knows that it is very hard to implement real change that will benefit service users.  In comparison, the bureaucratic requirements in the field change with a rapidity that makes one’s head spin – but for service users nothing really changes or in fact things may become worse.

How can we make sense of this and implement real change?  Dr Bob Jackson was involved in research over 12 years into what works to implement and maintain real change.  He has been involved as a change agent for most of his working life and so brings a great depth of understanding of what is involved and the enormous difficulty and complexity of changing major organisations.

In this workshop the core ingredients of change are analysed to help understand why change is so difficult.  Then particular scenarios confronting the workshop participants are analysed to develop practical strategies to really bring about change in these current examples.

The workshop is highly practical and is designed to work on a group basis with real problems confronting families, staff or managers.  It comes from a strong values base due to the belief that positive values must be at the core of everything that we try to do in human service.


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