Positive Behaviour Support for individuals:  an alternative to ‘Behaviour Management’

If we think of the term ‘behaviour management’, it in fact tells us what it is about – the ‘management’ of behaviour.  As such it is often involved in restricting and controlling individual behaviour and often has a strong negative component with a focus on consequences for particular unwanted behaviour.

In this workshop the focus is on developing ways to increase positive and responsible behaviour.  While there may need to be some ‘costs’ on undesirable behaviour as part of the learning process, the primary focus is on development of social skills and in particular, the development of self control.

The workshop covers brain research on learning and behaviour and links this information to specific strategies to increase positive social behaviour and build in self-control through a series of consistent positive practices.

The workshop is of value to families as well as support staff, teachers and educational assistants.  It can be in several formats:

  • A short two hour session demonstrating a practical strategy to collaboratively solve difficult problems in a school or similar work situation
  • A half-day theoretical workshop covering the areas of brain research and basic strategies to increase positive social behaviour.
  • A one-day workshop with a high practical component to work through particular situations faced by participants.


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