Responding to vulnerability: Safeguards, advocacy and duty of care

An important understanding for those working in human services is that not only do the people using their services experience some vulnerability in their lives but also they in fact experience heightened vulnerability.  That is, while all humans experience vulnerability to a varying extent throughout their life, for people who are devalued the vulnerability is more frequent and often serious to the point of endangering of life.

This brings to the fore the need for families and those in human service to be very aware of the need to build in safeguards to minimise harm and respond quickly to any harm that does occur; to become advocates for those in danger of harm and to highlight to staff the importance of duty of care.

In this workshop the concepts of duty of care, safeguards and advocacy are explained and the relative importance of each in the protection of vulnerable people.

This workshop has wide utility for those involved in human services, from family members, direct workers and policy and management staff.  Normally a one-day workshop with a high degree of practical involvement, it is also possible to do a more theory based half-day event focused mainly on safeguarding.


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