Introduction to some principles of Social Role Valorization

This is a one-day workshop designed to provide a basic understanding of some of the elements of the theory of Social Role Valorisation.

Social Role Valorisation is a theory of how devalued people are treated that was developed by Professor Wolf Wolfensberger.  It has been described as the most powerful of the social science theories and is the basis of much Australian and international legislation and policy in human services.

As it is a very broad and comprehensive theory, a real introduction takes 2-4 days and many people spend many years developing a deep understanding of the theory and its implications.  This one-day workshop will provide an overview of the key elements so that participants can determine whether they wish to go on to further courses that expand the theory and go into some depth.  This is strongly recommended, as many of the leading international and national change agents in human services have Social Role Valorisation theory as a key basis to their understanding.

Topics covered include:

  • Wounding and vulnerability
  • The impact of imagery and unconsciousness
  • The importance of development and the role of imitation.
  • Valued Roles
  • What one person can do


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