Values considerations for Board Members

Non-government organisations are governed by a Board that has considerable influence on both the future direction and current service quality.  These Boards are normally composed of some people directly affected by the service such as family members of service users, as well as volunteer members of the community brought in to provide additional specific expertise and prestige.

However Board members may have limited overview of the historical background of the field, issues such as heightened vulnerability, the need for development and positive images, and the impact of positive roles.  Without an understanding of these issues, the Board may take the organisation down paths that have historically been found to be detrimental or have insufficient understanding to build a positive vision for the future.

In this workshop Board members are given a succinct overview of the key concepts in services so that they are in a much better position to positively plan for the future. They will also be in a much better position to easily understand and judge new ideas and proposals brought to the Board by management.

The workshop is normally a ‘short day’ to fit in with the time demands of Board Members.


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