Community Building

Community building – a role for business

Your Staff

In many areas of business it is difficult to build strong morale and commitment to the company. In reality many jobs tend to be quite routine and competitive pressures mean that it is difficult to put a lot of time and resources into training and team building.

By employing a person who has been rejected by society such as a person with a disability, we open up our staff to something that is bigger than themselves. They learn to share their life with a person who has had less advantages than them and help that person belong in the world of work and the broader society.

We are bringing out positive attributes in our staff and having them join with us in doing something good for an individual and the society. Similarly, if our company supports issues such as literacy development through scholarships or direct involvement we are giving our employees a vision of our company that is bigger than products and profits.

It can be a source of pride to work for such a company and help to build commitment.  Our experience has been that if co-workers take a role of supporting and assisting a new employee with a disability to become a productive member of the team they develop a great sense of pride and pleasure in watching the fruits of their support — which are normally large gains in development of skills and personality.

It opens them up to a group that they would not normally experience and they commonly learn that human commonalities are more important than the impairment or skin colour.

As they sometimes have to wait and be patient and consider another person’s needs on a regular basis it can soften people and bring out positive aspects that benefit the whole workplace. Of course this needs to be set up properly as staff may not be open initially to such an idea. Include can help with this.

Supporting Families

Some families do it tough. It might be because there is only one parent involved. Or a child might have a diagnosed disability. Or one or more of the children is struggling at school. Commonly, particularly with children with a disability, the family can run into a raft of difficulties related to education and other areas, and feel lost and alone against the bureaucracy.

With the pressure on community services, the only support available may be in a crisis or through services that add a stigma to the child and family. Your business can help by sponsoring a family. It may be to provide expert advocacy in negotiations with government bureaucracies. It might be to provide assistance with early intervention where international research indicates that intensive work in the first six years of life can have profound life-long impacts.

The reality is that almost no intensive assistance is available to families through government agencies, even though they will have to pick up the result of this failure in the future. The single exception is children with autism who do receive intensive assistance from the WA government in the early years.

What about children who are failing to thrive developmentally? Children who may be difficult behaviourally and in danger of labels such as ADHD and a lifetime of medication?

By sponsoring a family you will be able to ensure that a family can receive real help that is under their control and direction, not subject to the whim of a bureaucracy. A range of alternatives is available to assist through Include. 

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