Disability Employment

“Employ a person with a disability”? “What do you think we are, some form of charity”?

A decade or so ago, we didn’t really believe that women could ‘do the job’ as effectively as men. With much less reluctance now to employ women in roles and jobs that were previously male-dominated, business has benefited as a pool of talent previously not utilised has been brought into productivity.

A similar situation applies with people with a disability. Several major research studies have shown people with disabilities to not only be good employees, but superior employees.

For example, they have lower rates of sick leave; higher commitment to the company; more positive attitudes to work, and equal or greater productivity.   Of course we need to provide a good match of the person to the job and Include can help you achieve this or put you in contact with others who can provide support in training and sometimes financial benefits.

Providing a job to a person who has traditionally been excluded can be life changing for them.

Being employed is a very powerful valued role in our society and leads to a range of benefits such as status, income, networks, relationships and hence access to possible friendships outside of work. It tends to build associated skills such as regular work practices, independence, initiative and self confidence.

As an employer there are few things more rewarding than to watch an employee grow in confidence and skills far beyond what is expected and become a major asset to the business.

Include can help your business have such an experience by providing the support and feedback necessary to build the confidence of you and your staff to ‘give it a go’.

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