Facilitation and Mediation

When working with groups with different and even hostile perspectives, we often need to discuss an issue in some depth in a free-ranging way. This normally requires an independent person to facilitate the meeting so that the party that feels aggrieved believes that their views are being heard and the event is not ‘stage managed’.

However, the facilitator needs to be aware of the issues, sensitive to the viewpoints of both parties, and experienced enough to point a new direction for consideration if issues become bogged down.

Staff of Include have long experience of conducting facilitation with a range of agencies in disability, aged care and education.

Similarly, when issues between parties have become heated and relationships have broken down, Include can fulfill the role of ‘honest broker’ to mediate and help to resolve the dispute.

With the reputation of Include staff stretching back decades, those involved will know that the intervention will be independent and considered, with the best interests of clients being the essential reference point.