Disability Awareness Training

How can a business, Council or Government Department ensure that they are being a good citizen in relation to disability?

With the Disability Discrimination Act, Disability Access standards and other regulations, there is also the need to ensure that the law is complied with as the public relations cost of an issue arising can be very high.

On the positive side, the more that our society comes to interact and include people commonly kept at the margins of society, such as people with a disability, the greater the sense of community that is engendered.

We bring out values such as increased tolerance, understanding of the needs of someone other than ourselves, a more relaxed approach to interactions with others and greater empathy for others less fortunate.

These can have very positive impacts both in the organisation and more broadly in the community.

These changes however need to be supported by specific opportunities for staff to consider the issues involved and be assisted to develop inclusive strategies in their daily operations.

Half and one day training events are available so that all staff can gain access to this very positive approach.

> Some other possible workshops.