DVD: So you have a child with a disability: Getting started

So you have a child with a disability? Getting started (44 Minutes)

If you have child with a disability under six years old then this webinar will be of interest to you. It is particularly designed for families who have just discovered that their child has a disability so that they have some well reasoned and supportive advice that will help to compensate for the overwhelming experience and often negative expectations received from others at this time. Topics covered include the importance of positive expectations; key issues in development; how the brain works and what it means for teaching; looking after yourself, and gaining key supporters. A pdf of the overheads used is included on the disk.

The disc contains both a high and low resolution video of the webinar together with a pdf file of all of the overheads used.  The disk should be playable on all computers and some dvd players.  When payment is made the dvd will be posted to you with an email confirmation.  Any problems email sales@include.com.au

“… and I wish I had received this type of information when (my child) was younger”


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