Reading Assessment

For families in Perth Western Australia, a service to diagnostically assess a child’s reading is available.  The test used is an American test which gives detailed diagnostic information showing specific areas of strength and weakness.  The results will vary slightly from Australian tests  due to different school starting months but this will not be significant. This testing, under the supervision of a nationally registered psychologist, gives the child’s reading grade level over the areas of:

Word identification:  This measures the child’s vocabulary in terms of words known.
Word attack:  This is a measure of the child’s knowledge of the sounds and sound combinations (phonetics) needed to decode unknown words.
Word Comprehension:  This is a measure of the child’s understanding of words, measured by three facets — knowledge of antonyms (opposites of a word); synonyms (words of a similar meaning to a given word) and analogies (knowledge of similar verbal concepts).
Passage Comprehension:  This is why we read.  It is a measure of how well the child understands a given section of text.
Fluency: In order to understand we have to be able to decode a section of text fast enough to maintain memory of what we have just read.

Total Reading:  This is a combination of the sub-scores to give an overall assessment of the child’s reading grade level.

A written report is supplied with an opportunity to discuss possibilities to improve any weak areas.

Availability:  Available in Lesmurdie, Perth Western Australia.  For families close by, a home testing may be possible.  For people outside of Perth, contact Include ( as testing in other states or areas is sometimes possible.  For an appointment ring (08) 9291 0605 or 0407667108.

Cost:  $295.  Extra if travel is involved.