The life of a teacher is not an easy one.  In the regular classroom, every teacher is likely to have classes that include:

  • Students from broken or breaking families;
  • Students who come to school hungry;
  • Students with English as a second language;
  • Students who do not have good social skills;
  • Students who have significant behavioural issues
  • Students with specific labels such as ADHD.

To this we add pressures such as a new National Curriculum, external literacy and numeracy testing, school comparison tables, and parents with high expectations and forceful approaches.  In this environment, the inclusion of students with a disability can be seen as an additional burden for which they do not feel adequately prepared or supported.

Include is concerned with ‘skilling the willing’.  Through workshops on literacy development, inclusion and a range of other topics, plus direct support in the classroom we can reduce the load.  We can help teachers get back to their job being fun, fulfilling and making a real difference in the lives of their students.