Building a Community of Respect

In Western Australia, a man named Garry Butcher has been working with Schools and the local Council on a program called ‘Choosing Respect’.  The principles of respect are set out in a presentation and people are asked to ‘sign up’ to try to hold to these principles in their interactions with others.

What is very encouraging (and not predicted by many), is that large numbers of students are signing up to this process and committing to both show respect as set out and encourage it in others.

The basis of the program is choice and commitment so it avoids many of the problems of alternative approaches to issues such as bullying where rules and coercion are often the approach used.  It has been so successful (in a low income area with significant social problems) that it has been taken up by the local Council as a community initiative that is relevant to schools, business and community organisations.

In a short presentation, the principles of the program will be outlined with information on how it has been successfully implemented.

(One hour presentation or half day workshop to generate strategies to implement at the local school).