Developing early literacy using a research based approach to ensure all children learn the basics of reading.

National and international data indicate that approximately 30% of students fail to meet minimum standards in literacy, with some groups such as Aborigines up to 70%.  In mainstream, approximately 10% of students are functionally illiterate in year 9.

In contrast students with Down Syndrome or autism diagnoses are being taught by parents to read from age two, which implies that there are problems with how many students have been taught.

International research indicates that in order to read, some core skills are required and if students do not gain these skills they fail at reading.  Quite often this is demonstrated by students being able to read text when requested with a high degree of accuracy but with almost no comprehension of what has been read.

In this practical workshop participants are taken through strategies to build the core skills and provided with classroom material to use after the workshop.  Information will also be given on bringing up students who are currently failing.

(Half day or one day workshop.  There is an associated teacher manual that is available for purchase at a small cost).