Maximising the impact of Educational Assistants

This workshop is aimed at Educational Assistants (EAs) and is designed to give them practical strategies to maximise the positive long-term impact of their interactions with students with a disability.

Educational Assistants often feel that they are carrying a huge load with little support and often receive little practical guidance or opportunity to discuss what their approach should be with individual students.

However, the quality of their interventions can often determine whether a student succeeds or fails in the mainstream classroom; is socially included or isolated and alone; academically develops or remains fairly static; learns independence and self-control or develops a learned helplessness and maladaptive skills such as manipulating adults.  These differences have life shaping impacts.

In this workshop, EAs are given some clear practical strategies that will not only change how the student with a disability is likely to develop but also give the EAs a clear set of goals to work towards that will enhance their own self esteem when they see the students change and their relationships with other students develop.

(Half or one day workshop.  Designed for Educational Assistants and the teachers who work with them).