Solving any classroom problem in 15 minutes

In the modern school classroom up to half the students will be coming from broken or breaking families; many will not have had breakfast; some will have English as a second language; some may not be functionally literate;  ….

In this situation, it is very easy for situations to develop that are beyond the capacity of any one of us to solve individually.  On the other hand, school break times are so short and mixed with supervision duties that the chance to get help from colleagues is very limited.

In this highly practical strategy based on work from a Canadian teacher and academic, a system is used to have the enormous experience included in all school staff rooms to be brought to bear on a problem brought by an individual teacher.  It is designed to be completed within 15 minutes so that it can be practical for the real world of current schools.

The workshop uses actual problems of individual teachers of a school to demonstrate the strategy with opportunities for other teachers to learn how to facilitate the meetings.

(Half day workshop).