The Whys and Hows of Inclusion

For many teachers inclusion is a reality required by law but the reasons why it is occurring are not clear.  Many of us were taught that students with a disability are best taught in special schools so the pressure for inclusion seems to go directly against this.

In this workshop the ‘whys’ of inclusion are covered so that teachers have a good understanding of the historical, moral and empirical rationales for inclusion.  For the ‘how’ of inclusion, it is shown that inclusion must involve presence, social belonging and inclusion in the same curriculum as other children.  These all present challenges, but with practical strategies they can be achieved with considerable benefits to all of the students in the class.

Strategies from the literature as well as practical approaches from teachers all over Australia are shared with opportunities for participants to problem solve around inclusion issues.

(From 1 hour overview of ‘why’ to a half or full day workshop including practical work around developing inclusive strategies and lesson preparation).